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        , , , | Right | April 30, 2020

        I’m working the drive-thru at a very busy and popular coffee chain.

        Me: “Hello, and thank you for stopping at [Coffee Shop]. My name is [My Name]. How’s your day going so far?”

        Customer: “Skinny caramel macchiato. Grande.”

        Me: “Of course. If that’s all, your total—”

        The microphone cuts off as the woman drives forward. As she pulls up to the window, I greet her as my manager requires us to.

        Me: “Hello! Your total is—”

        Customer: “For Christ’s sake! Just give me my coffee.”

        She shoves the coffee app in my face to pay. I scan it, saying the total as I do, and pass off her coffee.

        Me: “There you go. Have a nice day.”

        Customer:Ugh. I can’t believe how rude you are.”

        Me: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be ru—”

        Once again, she cuts me off by driving away.

        Coworker: “I honestly don’t know how you kept smiling during all of her s***.”

        Me: “Neither do I. I just think of all the free coffee I can have to get me through it.”

        That Weedwhacker Needs To Be Put Out To Grass

        , , , , | Right | April 30, 2020

        I am heading to the customer service desk when I see a man at the desk with a weedwhacker. It looks like it is absolutely covered in at least a quarter of an inch of grass clippings with a thicker coat on the actual trimmer head. I overhear this while signing in as a vendor.

        Customer: “I need to return this.”

        The employee takes a dubious look at the weedwhacker.

        Employee: “Okay. Do you have a receipt for it?”

        Customer: “Ah, naw. But you’ll still take it, right?”

        Employee: “Well, yes, but I would need to see an ID.”

        Customer: “What for? Why do I need to do that?!”

        Employee: “It’s company policy, and would you mind if I ask why is it being returned?”

        Customer: “F***, I didn’t even use the thing! Why you have to make it so d*** hard?”

        He almost throws the ID at her. The employee picks it up and types up the weedwhacker’s brand.

        Employee: “Oh. Okay. You have the option of a straight exchange or a gift card.”

        Customer: “I want money!”

        Employee: “I’m sorry, but it’s above the amount that we’re allowed to give in cash without a receipt. I can’t override it.”

        Customer: “Never mind!”

        He snatches his ID and stalks off, shedding grass clippings with every step.

        Me: “‘Never used it,’ huh?”

        Employee: “You think he would at least clean the thing before making that claim.”


        The Stupidity Is Spreading

        , , , , , | Right | April 30, 2020

        Because of the health and safety lockdowns, my company has all the stores reduce their hours and have one person working the day unless it’s delivery day. The reduced hours are posted along with guidelines for shopping in the stores: no more than ten people in the store at any given point, only touch what you’re going to buy, etc.

        I am sweeping the entryway and the sidewalk to get rid of debris. The store has been open for half an hour at that point, so all lights are on, the door is unlocked, and the cash register is open. Customers see me open the store door after I am done sweeping and come over. They read the sign in its entirety and then proceed to open the door. What’s the first thing that they ask?

        Customer: “Hey, so, are you guys open?”

        Huge mental head-desk followed, along with several other people who did the exact same thing. This is going to be a long couple of weeks.

        Outsmarted By A Five- Or Six-Year-Old

        , , , , , , | Right | April 30, 2020

        I am stocking an aisle in the grocery store. Our store has a small cafe where children aged five and under eat for free. I overhear a mother talking to her young son.

        Mother: “Remember, [Son], we’re pretending you’re five, okay?”

        Son: “But, Mommy, I’m six!”

        Mother: “Yes, but let’s pretend, okay?”

        Son: “Does this mean I don’t need to go to school tomorrow?”

        Mother: “What? No! Of course, you need to go to school.”

        Son: “But six-year-olds go to school. Five-year-olds stay home and play!”

        Mother: “Well, tomorrow, you’ll be six.”

        Son: “So, tomorrow is my birthday?!”

        Mother: “What? No—”

        Son: “Yay! Presents!”

        She paid for his meal.


        She Should Just Scoot On Out Of There

        , , , , | Right | April 30, 2020

        I am working at a movie theater. As part of the safety precautions, larger items aren’t allowed in the auditorium. A school class was here yesterday for a private viewing and a boy had to leave his scooter with us. We have a little room behind the register, barely big enough to store bigger items and for lost and found, where the employee on duty stored the scooter.

        Apparently, the little boy forgot to reclaim his scooter after the movie, so the next day, as soon as we open, he and his mother return to get it. The mother approaches me angrily, as if it is my fault and not her son’s.

        Mother: “My son forgot his scooter here yesterday. It’s red and black. Is it still there?”

        Me: “Let me check.”

        I check the small room and it’s there, the only scooter we have at the moment, so I bring it out.

        Mother: “Well, thanks. Wait, it doesn’t look right. The handle is too high!”

        Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, that must have happened while carrying it.”

        Mother: “Bulls***! It can’t just adjust like that while carrying it. You have to use a screwdriver to adjust it. Someone did this on purpose and probably drove around in that room back there!”

        Me: “I assure you, nobody—”

        Mother: *Interrupting* “Bulls***! You’re lying! You or one of your colleagues was driving around on it.”

        Me: “We respect our customers’ belongings, and apart from that, we have neither the time nor the space for driving around on your kid’s scooter.”

        The manager — who is maybe about twenty-five — and another curious employee come to join me because they overheard the woman getting louder and louder.

        Manager: “Excuse me, may I help you?”

        The mother tells the manager that someone drove around on the scooter and that I’m lying to her.

        Mother: “But maybe you dumb young people just can’t grasp what I’m trying to say. Maybe—” *turns to me* “—you could call the manager so he can listen to how you treat me.”

        I turn around to the manager who is standing next to me.

        Me: “[Manager], this woman needs your help.”

        Mother: “You’re the— Anyway, do something!”

        Manager: “Maybe we could get a screwdriver from the office and readjust your son’s scooter. Although I highly doubt any of our employees used the scooter, I apologize for any inconvenience.”

        Meanwhile, the son is looking more and more visibly embarrassed for his mother’s behavior. Suddenly, while holding the scooter the whole time, he begins nudging her and trying to tell her something.

        Boy: “Mooom?”

        Mother: “Not now!”

        Boy: “But Moooom!”

        Mother: “WHAT IS IT?!”

        Boy: “Look, the handle can be readjusted without a screwdriver; you just have to pull and—”

        The mother has a shocked stare and then turns back to us.

        Mother: “Anyway, there is probably something else you did wrong, so I’m not sorry for accusing you!”

        She stormed off.

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